Wild Reforestation Internship

Inspired by nature and syntropic agriculture

Do you have a passion for learning and implementing diverse planting systems, which mimic the process of natural life cycles in nature?

Do you want to:

  • Create an abundant and resilient food system whilst regenerating the soil and natural forest eco system.
  • Join the Skanking Farmers for two weeks to support us in creating an agroforestry system, as we extend last year’s plantation to a wider piece of the land.
  • Get inspired by our tree nursery which has over 3000 trees and 70 varieties of plants, which uses resources and space sustainably.
  • Learn how to ‘plant’ water and bring back water cycles to tackle regional challenges of drought, desertification, and loss of biodiversity.
  • Learn-by-doing with a passionate group of people in a positive environment!

When: 7th – 19th November 2022

Where: Skanking Farmers, Odemira

Social sliding scale: 320- 400 euros sliding scale

Including: Accommodation in our farmhouse, communally prepared breakfast, lunch & dinner

Contact: contact@skankingfarmers.com / 00447985163399 / 0033670956615

What will you learn:

  • How to grow and multiply your trees (cuttings, seedlings)
  • How to design a multi strata tree consortium and understanding of the different life cycles
  • How to prepare the soil for the implementation of the new plantation
  • Learn how to plant a diverse and dense system encouraging cooperation not competition
  • How to maintain your agroforest system throughout the year
  • How to set up an irrigation system

Limited spaces available!

About Lars Wild

Lars Wild has been working for 7 years in the south of Alentejo, where the challenges are particularly huge with almost no rain or topsoil layer left. Keen to share his knowledge of how to create abundant and diverse ecosystems and restore depleted soil with an intelligent plantation and management system, which builds topsoil, stores water and nutrients and creates fertility in the soil. Lars’ work is inspired by syntropic agriculture and he has attended several workshops with Ernst Gotsch and has extensive knowledge of which species (trees, shrubs, herbaceous layer etc) and methods work best in Portugal to grow healthy food productions systems, within a natural forest eco system and restore our natural place within the macrocosm.

About the Skanking Farmers collective

Skanking Farmers collective stands to create a world where nature and its beings thrive, expressing the fullness of their potential through regenerative actions and the organisation of different cultural events. The Skanking Farmers has been really active since its creation in 2021 and continues to create space for our tribe to learn and celebrate life.