The project

Our vision

Creating a world where nature and its beings thrive, expressing the fulness of their potential. Contributing to the arising of global consciousness through regenerative actions.

Our actions

We aim to manifest our vision through a diverse range of actions, all aligned to the two project pillars: regenerating nature and promoting culture.

Ok, but what does this mean?


The regeneration of our land and of the wider region is and will remain our primary focus.

In order to put this vision into practice, we work with syntropic agriculture specialists to develop food forests, rebuild top soil, create tree nurseries, grow our own organic vegetables and more. The project is hosted on a very special land, surrounded by the Rio Mira; this gives the project both opportunities and challenges.

We believe that if our efforts succeed, they can be a case study for regeneration in semi-desertic conditions, with limited access to water and depleted top soil.


Our project was born out of a small festival, organised with 2 weeks’ notice in a corner of the Alentejo. It is the story of a group of friends sharing the same fire and the same heart, willing to open a space for their community to be free.

The Skanking Farmers have grown, evolved, and matured. But arts, music and culture are our DNA. We believe arts are a core part of regenerating our planet and a key tool on the journey to freedom of thought. We aim to promote, empower, encourage artists from our region and beyond through small & larger cultural events, artist residencies, mentoring, and more.

Our values

The land always comes first

When making a decision about the project, our first concern is always the land.

How will an action impact our regeneration efforts, how many people can we really welcome on the land, is this event really aligned with our core vision?

We recognise that, often, regeneration means compromising. And that’s ok.

We learn by doing, and do so publicly

Learning by doing is the only way we know how to work.

What it really means is that we very openly recognise that we know very little, but are ready to put a lot of energy into learning. It also means we don’t pretend, or hide behind good marketing. Not only are we ready to publicly share all our mistakes (and there are many!) so others can learn from them, but we also want to take our community with us on this perfectly imperfect journey of redefining paradigms.

It’s about having the humility to recognise that trying our best is already a courageous act. It’s about recognising opportunities for growth and constantly evolving -as a project, as a collective, and as individuals.

People, people, people

Change comes from within. While, as a collective, a lot of our energy is directed towards the outside -whether the land, or people; we recognise that taking care of our physical and mental health is a key step on this journey.

We believe spirituality is intrinsically connected with the work of regeneration. And with this we value and recognise the beauty in people of all backgrounds -providing safe spaces for them to be in.

Who are we?

We are a collective of people coming together to learn, participate in the regeneration of nature, celebrate life and heal. We consider ourselves a family, aligning behind core values and working towards common goals.

We are a young group of people coming from a very wide diversity of backgrounds. We bring to the table what our past lives have taught us and our energy for change: from carpenters to engineers, from project managers to regeneration specialists, from artists to content writers… Hearts & skills come together to implement the ethos of the Skanking Farmers.

Our team is constantly changing. We love to welcome people who feel aligned with our ideals, and are ready to take on their own projects in an independent yet integrated way. If you feel you have something to offer, get in touch through the contact us page.