Our events

Skanking Farmers Ecofestival

The Skanking Farmers Festival takes place every year, at the start of the summer season. The festival symbolises the spirit and heart of our project. It brings forward our values: regeneration, mind & body connection, and creative expression through different media.

Organising this 3-day festival is our way to welcome new members in our association, to crowdfund our regeneration efforts on the land, and to connect with our family.

Our partnership with Nomad Embassy allows us to support Sound System Culture and raise awareness on key issues.

Our diverse line up helps us support local talents and artists.

The workshops we offer aim at creating spaces of inspiration and empowerment for the community that gathers.

The Skanking Farmers Festival is a space of freedom, life celebration, and a reunion of the tribe.


All our workshops stem from the will to create spaces for collective learning.

We learn by doing, and we want to bring our community with us on this journey.

We also recognise that we are surrounded by incredibly knowledgeable and inspiring teachers who have the potential to empower each one of us. Our workshops cover a wide range of topics: from agroforestry to organic gardening, from natural building to food fermentation, from arts to instrument making.


A key pillar of the Skanking Farmers project is to promote, encourage and foster creative expression, arts, and culture in the Alentejo.

Our region is thriving with talented artists, local or international, expressing themselves through all genres of music. We believe is it our mission to empower them, offer curated spaces for them to share their art with the wider public, and participate in the cultural re-awakening of South West Portugal.